Franklin Balls for Riders

Take your focus to your own body...

There’s so many areas to cover with Franklin Balls and it’s about discovering what areas you want to address first… 

Are Franklin Balls for you?

A very common method that is talked about in the industry but not physically worked with in much detail… Sarah can help you develop your knowledge and feel a difference through your whole body!

"I feel unbalanced in sitting trot"

The Franklin Balls can release certain areas of tension when used in specific areas to help with your sitting trot!

"My horse is against my hand"

Using the Franklin Ball method can help stabilise a more consistent contact but it's important to address your seat too!

"I feel tight in my body when I ride"

This is very common! Many horse riders can feel the tightness but need help addressing where this starts...

"My horse is lazy and not on my aid"

You may not realise you are holding tension through your body but this could be your answer! Any tightness will affect the general forwardness...

"I just want to ride better"

You're in the right place! Book a session with Sarah Payne and experiment to find the areas of tension with a plan moving forward!

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