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Rider mindset coaching can help riders of all levels from all disciplines including hobby riders, who don’t actually compete but want to enjoy their horse or pony. I went further into how our brain affects our riding after years of finding nervous riders came to me for lessons without me offering specific help for nervous riders. Having worn the nerves ruling your ride T shirt myself many times and sometimes stopping me riding, I needed to find a way to make it easier – after all it is supposed to be fun!

Having studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and CBT it has been game changing for not only myself but also in helping clients understand their own triggers and how to work through them allowing them to get the best from their riding. Whether you want to be able to get on, without building endless scenarios to stop you getting on, or if you are needing some help to fine tune your thought processes to allow you to ride in the arena like you do in training.

So often we check everything else is in order from farriers and physios to training and practice sessions, but we don’t look at our rider mindset – if your head is not in the game – your body wont be either! If you’re not performing to your best, how do you expect your horse to?

It’s not just about being nervous, does your self-belief take a hit and you just cant trust in your training, do you focus so hard on trying to make it perfect you miss the all the progress you’ve made and not allow yourself to recognise what you have achieved.

I often refer to the winning mindset but this has many references,  what would be a win for you is not necessarily the same for someone else – therefore you have to focus on your aim and goal, not allowing yourself to compare your journey to someone else’s, your journey is about you and your goal.


If any of this sounds even a little familiar are you ready to “Ride to your Goals with Confidence and Ditch the Doubts please take a peek at the website www.ajjridermindsetcoaching.co.uk  and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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